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Hi there!
I'm Lorenzo Zecchin: Web / UX / UI designer & Digital art director, 31 years old, born in Italy.

My passions are Web / UX / UI design, Art direction, Web and Social communication.
I love the digital design world, I like playing my guitar, writing, taking pictures and other things where I can put myself into like cooking for example :)
I'm a proactive person and I like working by myself as well as a part of a team of professionals.

Here is what I've studied:
BA in Communication science - University of Milan - 2012
MA in Art direction & copywriting - Politechnic University of Milan - 2013

I like reading different book genres and I love literature in general, science and astronomy in particular.
Here is one of my favourite quotations and source of personal inspiration:

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." - A. Einstein

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